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Brooke Satchwell: Domestic Violence Is Not Black And White

After five years together, in 2006 things fell apart for Brooke Satchwell and Matthew Newton.

It soon became public that behind closed doors, their relationship was anything but healthy.

Brooke became one of the first Australian personalities to bring the issue of domestic violence to the public eye as Newton pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault against the actress.

The conviction would later be quashed.

“Relationships are complex things, even when they are healthy,” she told our own Bianca Dye about her experience.

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“So it’s not black and white and [about the] behaviours and experiences.”

“They sound strange when you say them out loud, but also… we have that pattern of justifying behaviours or saying this is okay or this is why that happened.

“That may be the case but it’s certainly not how you treat someone.”

Sadly, it is a story that is far too common in Australia.

On average at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner, while one in three has experienced physical violence since the age of 15.

For Brooke, the sad thing is it becomes far too “normal” once you find yourself in that situation.

Watch above as she talks about how it can be easy to make concessions when you are building a future with someone…

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