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Christine Anu Opens Up On How She Lost The Weight

We love Christine Anu at whatever shape or size. Let that be clear. 

But there was a comment she made about her recent weight loss journey that really resonated with us. 

Anu opened up to Woman's Day late last year about losing almost 50kg. 

But it's the how she did it that inspired us. 

"I feel not fat. I feel really fantastic. It was old stuff, getting rid of it," Anu told Bianca, Terry and Bob. 

"And did you know weight loss is all up in your head.

"It was like get rid of whatever is blocking you from living the best life you can possibly live, get that out of the way and get on with it."

Anu told Bianca, Terry and Bob that this time she lost the weight 'without trying'.

She had gone through a breakup of a marriage among other things and decided that she wanted to be the best version of herself that she could be.

Not focusing on the numbers on the scales, but how she felt and how she fuelled her body to get the best out of herself. 

How she feels now? 

"Most importantly I wasn't trying this time. I wanted to be a better me," she said. 

"I feel happy and I think it shows and resonates on the outside. 

"You have to be prepared to change whatever it is inside and let go of whatever that is." 

Listen to the full chat below.

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