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David Oldfield Defends Adultery Allegations

(Image: Channel 10/Getty)

David Oldfield is one half of one of the most famous couples in Australia.

The former One Nation pollie lasted just ONE week in the I'm A Celebrity jungle and spent 99.9% of that time fighting with wife Lisa.

Now that he's been voted off, Bianca, Terry and Bob from 973FM spoke to him about THOSE rumours that have plagued his marriage.

"Canberra is the place where ugly people bonk because even the TV's bad," David said. "I'm quite happy knowing about Barnaby and his foibles, but I don't chat about my own things of concern."

While he may not want to talk about it, he did reveal that the "so-called affair" he was accused of took place three to four years before he met Lisa.

"That's the trouble with this stuff, it gets a life of its own so frankly I try not to talk about it."

So what about Barnaby's resignation and personal issues? David, is in no uncertain terms, "mortified".

"How on earth do you get to become Deputy Prime Minister and be so switched off to the morality of the country and what's expected of these positions, that you can think you can 'do' your secretary," he said. "You dump your long suffering  wife and your four children and then you get this girl pregnant and you think it's 'not a story' and noone should be talking about it."

David also slammed the Labor Party politicians for protecting Barnaby.

"They weren't interested in defending Barnaby's private life, they just don't want people looking into theirs!" Ouch!

As for Lisa who is still in the jungle, David said:

"I'm hoping she does really really well, I'm voting for her to stay as long as possible in the jungle," he said. "As soon as I get home in the next day or so, I will be changing my Facebook status to single and I'll just rip the wild wind for the next few weeks."

You've heard it here first, folks!

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