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Davina Tells Bianca What She REALLY Felt About That Wedding

Davina Rankin is Brisbane born and bred, so we got her in studio before her new episode of Married and First Sight aired showing her 'dream' wedding. 

And she certainly had a few interesting things to say. 

Apparently our own Davina received nothing but encouragement from family and friends to go on the show. 

In fact, she credits her father as her biggest fan - he even has all of her modelling shoots from mags (including the racy Zoo etc) up for display in the house. 

But the busy bee isn't only a model. She also runs a private training gym, a clothing label, a popular instagram page and an events business. 

Phew. When is there time to sleep let alone have a relationship!

Without letting on about whether she is still with her 'husband' Ryan, she had nothing but positive things to say about the wedding... 

Much to our surprise after watching last night's episode. 

Watch how the wedding really went down below. 

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