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The Song That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life

We fell in love with Deni Hines in the early 90’s when she released a cover of Ain’t No Sunshine.

The daughter of Marcia Hines, followed it up with hit after hit as her soulful vocals took Australia by storm.

Now she’s back with her fourth studio album The Soul Sessions and her latest single I Got Your Back will stop you in your tracks.

When we caught up with the singer, she revealed the meaning behind the lyrics.

“We take so much for granted – and I think we all have these things and I refer to them as ‘first world problems’,” she told us.

“‘Oh, my cars not working’, ‘I didn’t get the shoes that I wanted’, ‘I didn’t get the tickets to the concert that I wanted’, like come on people, really, let’s get it in perspective.

“We do take for granted the trends, great food, the fact that you can eat every night – the fact that you can put food on your children’s table.

“It might not be like a five-star meal, but you can actually put something in their belly so they’re not going to bed hungry, for some people – there are some people who can’t do that and I get that. But I’ve got their back as well.”

Listen below as she explains how two specific stories influenced the track…

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