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Ed Sheeran’s Australian-Themed Tattoo Is Officially Our Fave

It’s no secret Ed Sheeran loves a bit of Australia!

And if his constant visits and tours of our country aren’t enough to convince you, his Aussie-themed tattoo should do the job.

Catching up with the singer, we were curious to know whether he’d gotten any new tatts to celebrate his Australian love affair.

What we didn’t realise, was that he’d already gotten one – and we’d completely missed it amongst his colourful collection of ink.


Because there on his left arm is a very cute koala. Or as Ed calls it “a koala bear” (we’ll let that one slide cause we love ya’).

He also revealed the secret behind his incredible new form and it left Bianca speechless.

Listen below as he reveals can eat and drink all he likes as long as he does one thing EVERY day…

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