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Erin Brockovich Has Spilled On Her Playboy Bunny Past

Here's something we bet you didn't know... Erin Brockovich used to work as a Playboy Bunny!

The environmental activist and consumer advocate joined us in studio to surprise Bianca and Terry as our Mystery Guest.

But she certainly topped that when she dropped the Playboy bomb on us [watch above].

"When I was going to school in Dallas, Texas, I had to work," she told us.

"I had two jobs - one at Danny's Menswear at night - I was salesgirl of the month, and the other was running cocktails at the Dallas Playboy Club."

We have no doubt she learned some of the sass that made us fall in love with her in the film about her life - Erin Brockovich, from that experience.

The surprising thing however, was that despite the obvious similarities between Erin and Julia Roberts, who played her in the flick, they didn't actually spend much time together.

"Steven Soderbergh was the one that said 'I want you to understand her, so I you ghost her and just mimic her, then you don't give your best performance'," she said.

Watch below as she talks about the film and if we can expect a sequel anytime soon...

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