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Five Things You Didn't Know About Bianca Dye!

She's 97.3fm's new girl, so there's a lot to learn about Bianca Dye!

From mental health, IVF and one embarrassing blunder with Justin Timberlake... it’s time to get to know her a bit better!

#1: She Was The Ringmaster Of A Circus

“At the age of 21 I auditioned and got the job as the ringmaster of the great Moscow Circus.”


#2: She’s Spent A LOT Of Money On IVF

“Pretty much spent my life savings on IVF. I did it for about three or four years and I have 15 eggs frozen and two embryos, with my ex, on ice.”

#3: She Got Dumped As A Teen Because Of Her Braces

“I remember having to get braces and I was pretty much the only person in our entire group, when I was about 12, to get braces. At that stage I had snagged the hottest guy in school. The day I came to school with the braces on he dropped me!”


#4: She Accidentally Said Something VERY Naughty To Justin Timberlake

“I started the interview with ‘Justin, you dirty, big spunk’. The phone went really quiet – spunk means something else in America.”

#5: She Decided To Take A Proactive Approach To Her Anxiety

“I was diagnosed in my early thirties with an anxiety disorder called GAT – general anxiety disorder. Which means most days I’m fine, but some days… I get pretty bad anxiety. So, I started an Instagram page called @AnxietyFree which I’m really proud of, it’s got nearly 30,000 followers now. It’s a really great tribe and a really safe, awesome place where people can all talk about their anxiety issues.” 

Watch the video above as Bianca talks more about living with anxiety!

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