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His Friends All Knew: The Chilling Interview You Must Hear

“As soon as I saw that footage I knew he'd done it”.

When Allison Baden-Clay first went missing, her husband Gerard Baden-Clay went on TV to plead for help to find the missing mum.

While it was only the start of a chilling case that would eventually see him charged and jailed for her death, his close friends immediately knew what happened.

Brian was one of those friends who found himself in a situation he never expected.

“As soon as he gave his first interview on TV and I saw his face, instantly I was like ‘you did this’,” he told us.

“I know him so well and I was like ‘you’re not that person, the person that’s on the screen right now is not the person I know’ and I just knew instantly that that’s what had happened.

“It was a weird, it was definitely a weird thing.

“I went through some personal struggles myself thinking I would never want to think that of anybody that’s so close to me.

“But I, there was no way I could not think of it and I called a couple of other friends and said ‘hey did you just see that?’ and they said ‘do you think the same thing as us?’ and I was like ‘yeah, and I can’t think of anything different’.”

Listen below as he shares the full story and what he thinks about Baden-Clay's demand to see his daughters...

Photos: AAP

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