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He Has His Sights Set On Everest, His Wife Says No, Now...

"To do Everest you have to be exceptionally selfish."

Those are the words of Brian's wife, Mandy - and yet Brian still has Mt Everest at the top of his bucket list. 

After two years of discussions and research they are still no closer to agreeing one way or the other. So we sat them down to get it all out on the table in a raw, emotional chat. 

For a bit of background, Brian is our very own Direct Sales Director at 97.3FM, and as Tez says "the fittest bloke in the building". 

Eyeing his eighth Iron Man triathalon later this year, a week of training sees him travel a cumulative 350km to 400km on bike, between 6km and 9km in the pool and an incredible 42km on foot. 

And while he's not fond of heights, he loves a challenge. Fear drives him. So it's no real surprise that the pinnacle challenge that is Everest interests him.

On the other side we have Mandy, loving wife, mother to his three teenage children. Put simply - she wants to grow old with the love of her life.

And when there is statistics like "20% chance of death" involved with climbing to the peak of Mt Everest, we certainly don't judge her for putting her foot down.  

But is that the ultimate decider? Watch the video above to see where they stand. 

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