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Paul Burt Was Slammed By Viewers, This Is His Response

As residents were warned to evacuate and hide from Cyclone Debbie, Channel 7 reporter, Paul Burt, could been seen on our TV screens doing the exact opposite.

It was a move that saw him slammed by viewers as they questioned why he was broadcasting from outside as Cyclone Debbie tore through Bowen.

After talking to him about another moment that went viral when one local made a sex joke live to air, we asked him about the criticism.

“Look there is the big thing here, it’s the thing that a lot of people – and the people who are making the comments… it’s called common sense,” he told us.

“Unfortunately, I think that maybe a lot of the country lacks that.

“I’ve grown up around this stuff, I’m very comfortable with this stuff, I know myself as to what I’m doing.”

He also said the thing many people forget is that he’s not out in an open paddock where he’s completely exposed.

“I’ve got my camera crew sitting right beside a heavily retained structure that is category five and I might be two steps out away from them where the wind is going nuts, and also the rain, saying ‘this is what it is’,” he said.

“You can see it through the camera, but when you actually got someone standing on the edge of that and actually feeling it, then… I’d like to show the story to everyone back home.”

Listen below to the full interview and what Paul says we can expect from Cyclone Debbie, which has now been downgraded to a tropical low… 

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