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How A Discussion About Surrogacy Could Change Bianca's Life

This morning a listener gave Bianca the ultimate offer and it rendered her speechless. 

What began as a simple interview about surrogacy ended in a rollercoaster of emotion for Bianca - and could perhaps play a huge role in the 44-year-old's dream of becoming a mother. 

Kirsty sent us a letter after hearing Bianca's letter to her embryos earlier this year.

Bianca's emotional plea to her unborn potential children struck such a chord that the 32-year-old listener wanted to come into studio and offer to be a surrogate.


The very generous Kirsty has finished having children of her own and was in the late stages of offering her woumb for a close friend. 

Unfortunately the friend's health meant she could not undergo the fertility treatments and therefore the surrogacy never went ahead. 

But that hasn't stopped Kirsty from wanting to help another woman or family to have children. 

When the 32-year-old explained her real intentions to Bianca, the room was filled with emotion. 

While Bianca is planning on seeing if she can perhaps still carry a baby at 44-years of age, having the knowledge that Kirsty is there in the wings if she so decides is no doubt comforting. 

In Queensland a surrogate cannot profit from the gesture, instead it is only the medical expenses etc that are covered - so Kirsty's offer really is from the heart. 

What amazing listeners we have! 

Listen to the full chat about surrogacy and Kirsty's inclination to offer her body up to help create a new family below. 

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