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How An Innocent Night Out Led To The Death Of Bec's Newborn

Imagine waking up only to discover your baby was underneath you, lifeless.

That's the tragic situation Bec McMillan found herself in six years ago. 

A night of laughs and a few cheeky drinks with friends ended with her baby, Jayce, dying in her arms just days later in hospital. 

Bec opened up to Bianca about the years it took to begin to forgive and show compassion to herself once again. 

And now she wants to make sure other parents are aware of the risks of co-sleeping to prevent the same thing happening to anyone else.  

But even her efforts to raise awareness have been met with online bullying and vitriol. 

Bec's message is simple. Women are strong. You can come back from adversity. No one is perfect, and mistakes and accidents do happen in life. So turn to your inner strength and show yourself compassion. 

Watch her raw and candid interview above in our latest installment of Baring All With Bee. 

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