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How Bianca, Terry & Bob Granted A Blind Man’s Wish

Imagine living with the knowledge that your already failing eyesight would be completely gone by 40.

Growing up bullied by students and even teachers who think you are faking an illness.

Never being able to drive a car – or ride a bike due to sight and balance issues.

Suffering a nervous breakdown at just 21, forcing you to deal with your emotions and issues head on.

At 37, Paul knows he has just three years until he is legally blind and after a long road towards acceptance, he has set out on a journey to tick off a bucket list before that happens.

When we heard Paul’s story, we knew we wanted to do something to help.

“Everyone’s brain floats in fluid And your body is always creating and getting rid of excess and it naturally drains into the spinal column,” Paul explained of his illness, Hydrocephalies.

“With me I can create but I can’t get rid of it.

“It damaged my optic nerve at birth… I have been told by the time I’m 40 there’s almost 100% chance [of being completely blind].”

First thing on his bucket list? To be an announcer on radio, so yesterday we had Paul in live for an interview and gave him the opportunity to introduce his first song.

For the record he also had us bursting with laughter after telling his first gag impromptu on air too (Why don’t blind people skydive? Cos it scares the hell out of the guide dogs.)

But what Paul didn’t know is Troy from River City Cycles called in to help with a second item on his bucket list… Riding a bicycle for the very first time at 37.

While his balance will not allow him to ride the bike on his own, Troy offered to ride with Paul on a tandem bike through Southbank to soak in all that Brisbane has to offer.

And of course Bianca, Terry and Bob thought it was best they tag along.

The joy on Paul’s face with the wind in his hair, sun shining down and Brisbane’s best scenery on offer made it all worthwhile. 

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