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How Do You Tell Your Children You Have Terminal Cancer?

Donna Penny is a wife, a mum, a daughter, a friend. But she also has terminal cancer. 

It's no doubt a hard thing to come to terms with for both Donna, herself, and those around her. 

But how do you explain it to a nine year old? 

The Queensland mum decided to write a book, heartbreakingly called 'Why My Mummy' from the perspective of her son.

"One morning on the way to school, Kai asked his dad, 'Why out of all the mummy’s in the world does this have to happen to my mummy?' This impossible question inspired Donna to pen the heartfelt children’s book “Why My Mummy?” that is written through the eyes of her son Kai," Donna's website explains. 

The book explains terminal cancer in simple words that kids can begin to comprehend.

Unfortunately for Donna's two children, the heartbreak of the situation doesn't stay within the pages of the book. 

Breaking down in tears Donna told Bianca, Terry and Bob, "The odds are stacked against me, they did give me two years when I was first diagnosed five years ago, so I say I'm three years past my expiry date."

But as a family they make sure to make a lot of 'mummy memories' as they call it, embracing every day. 

Listen to our full chat with Donna Penny about being a parent with terminal cancer below.

You can buy a copy of "Why My Mummy" and hear more of Donna's story here.

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