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Emma Became A Walking Paraplegic After A Skydiving Incident

Few people are in skydiving accidents and live to tell the tale. 

Very few people become quadriplegic and yet learn how to walk again. 

But that is Emma Carey's story. 

A horrific skydiving incident in Switzerland saw the emergency parachute become entangled with the main chute, not only preventing the air pockets from properly slowing down the fall but the chords also strangled the tandem instructor rendering him unconscious. 

The landing was not pretty. The moments before and after a mix of adrenaline and sheer terror. 

Sometimes ya just gotta lol at life 😝 Yesterday morning I was sitting on the floor packing my bag and was about to run out the door to catch a flight. As you can probably tell from the half-packed bag still on my floor... I never made my flight. I tried to stand up and all of a sudden my knee locked and I couldn’t straighten it. I yelled out to @elle_fit to come and help me straighten it and we did. I thought it was fine but as soon as I tried to put weight on it, I felt the most intense pain and felt like it was going to crumble. I fell to the ground aaand haven’t been able to walk on it since 😬 I just had an MRI so fingers crossed it’s nothing major because these legs are beyond ready to roll 😅😅😅 #healtheknee #yakidding

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It was then that Emma realised that she could not feel anything below her waist. 

Flash forward almost five years and she walked into our studio unaided. 

While she can't feel her legs, Emma has taught herself how to walk again. 

And while there are still plenty of struggles (her bowel and bladder no longer function regularly after the accident for example), she is still living her life to the fullest. 

"When something like this happens, I believe we have two choices; we can let it ruin us, or we can use the pain as fuel to create the greatest life we have ever known," Emma wrote on her website. 

Her story is an inspiration. 

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