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How Mike Munro Even Made Madonna Blush!

Mike Munro is in the top echelon of journalists in Australia. 

But he hasn't been without his fair share of interview scandals.

*Cough* Mr Sims *Cough*

When he came in to visit this week, we asked him about some of his most infamous interviews. 

Like the time he was run over by a car while chasing (quite literally) a story. 

WATCH our chat with Mike Munro above. 

Mike was also vocal on his stance of Lisa Wilkinson defecting to the Ten network and demanding pay parity. 

"I think it's great that Lisa is going for parity and I think she has every right to be standing up for herself

"As a journalist, i think, I'll be honest, I think she's a better journalist than Karl is - whether she's male or female, I don't care, I think she's a superb person and a wonderful person and deserves everything that she gets.

"Channel 10 are lucky to have her."

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