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How Your Teenager Could Be Breaking The Law With A Selfie

It all started with a chat about revenge porn.

As more and more people get burned by compromising photos, we decided to talk to a lawyer to find out how Queenslanders can protect themselves.

It turns out it isn’t easy. And it isn’t cheap.

But there was another legal issue that soon became apparent – and it’s one all parents need to be aware of.

Calling us with his first-hand experience, Thomas explained his daughter was caught out after receiving some nude Snapchat images.

“I don’t know whether other people know what’s going on out there,” he said, before explaining the legal advice they were given.

“Any minor under the age of 17, whether they think they willingly are sending images or not, it’s illegal, they can’t do it - whether they’re the recipient or the sender.”

In other words, for teenagers it is a criminal offence – whether they give consent or not.

Listen below as we learn more about the legal implications and hear from someone who lives in fear of the nude photos she once took and that continue to haunt her…

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