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I Can See And Talk To Aliens Known As ‘The Greys’

Kerri-Ann Thorton used to be a non-believer.

That was till one car trip introduced her to a whole new world.

A world where aliens, known as ‘The Grey’s’ converse with a select group of humans.

“One morning I was driving to work on the Sydney freeway and all of a sudden there was a dark figure sitting in the back of my car,” she told us.

“When I got in the car he was not there and when I got out of the car he was not there.”

Kerri-Ann said it was like seeing one of your own family members in the back seat the figure was that clear.

“I slammed the breaks on, got out of the car – it could have been an axe murderer for all I knew,” she said.

At first she thought she was going insane. That was till her brother started experiencing the same thing.

Today, Kerri-Ann is a believer and some of her theories are that out there, Tez labelled them “offensive”.

Listen below as she explains how the aliens are responsible not only for our technology, but for the heartbreaking miscarriages experienced by women…


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