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I Get Paid By Sugar Daddies For My Company

In some ways Rachel* is like a “really expensive psychologist”.

Except that therapy can include special cuddles.

“I was in the situation many years ago and just thought ‘okay what have I got’,” she explained to us.

“I had nothing asset wise – [but] ‘what do I have, oh I have my own assets’. [I thought] Okay, I’m going to use them to my advantage.”

It was the start of her career as a sugar baby.

“I’m a young mum and I have two children – I help support them, that’s what it’s all about," she told us when we asked why.

And it can pay big.

On one trip away with a sugar daddy, Rachel was compensated $25,000 for her company. No intimacy required.

While some may call it degrading, she says otherwise.

“I always think that it is really empowering. You have all the power in that situation," she said.

"Yeah they’ve got money, yeah they can buy you things, but at the end of the day they’re paying you for a particular service – whether it’s time, whether it’s sex, whether it’s something else.

"Their business transaction falls with you having the power. For me as a woman, that’s empowering."

Listen below as she explains how she became a sugar baby and what exactly it involves...

*Names have been changed

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