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REAL LIFE CONFESSION: I Paid Someone To Hit On My Husband

Would you pay someone to tempt your partner?

After meeting Miss Honey Potter*, the woman who gets paid to do just that, we received a call from a lady on the other side of the story.

Amanda* revealed that after becoming concerned about her own husband, she paid a friend’s daughter to play the temptress.

“My friend came to work and said that her daughter was starting her own house cleaning business to make some extra money,” she told us.

“I’d been worried about how things were going in my marriage for a while – we’ve been married for a while with children.

“Things just weren’t the same and I was freaking out and I just wanted to find a way to see how he reacts in these situations.”

So she paid her friend’s daughter a little extra to flirt while cleaning their home.

“She was very flattering towards him and she said that he was very chatty and complimentary back to her – which could be perceived as being polite,” she said.

“I was really, really relieved when she asked him out for a drink – you know like meet up for another time.

“Thank god he said ‘no’ and politely declined. It was such a relief.”

Sadly the story doesn’t end there.

Because her husband made a move that left us divided in the studio.

Listen below as Amanda admits she no longer knows if she can trust him.

*Names have been changed

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