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Ice: The Appeal, Impact & Fallout For This Real Bris Family

The ice epidemic is scary and it's also happening close to home.

This is a real Brisbane family's story.

Over three days we looked at the Ice epidemic from all angles. 

One mother and son duo were brave enough to share their story - warts and all. 

Meet Mike a former addict and his mum Bev.

Bev was dealing with Mike taking the drug while her husband was given a death sentence due to cancer. 

It came to a front when she had to ring the Police on her son... 

40% of arrests that result in someone being taken into custody at Roma St involves someone under the influence of the drug. 

It's an alarming statistic. 

Here's another. Only 2% of Ice users can wean themselves off the drug. 

But why do people do it? 

This is how Mike explains those initial highs... and how quickly the addiction sets in. 

Bev's struggle was being able to support Mike without enabling his addition. 

The support from The Salvation Army's program Getting Well Together helped her learn that instead of giving him money, she will provide him food as an example. 

She still goes to the meetings for support - and what's scary is that of all the families that are attending meetings, Mike is the only one that is reformed and trying to live a clean life. 

The pair believe that early education is paramount to limiting the amount of ice use in Australia. 

Mike spoke highly of one such organisation in the Australian Anti-Ice Campaign. 

Meanwhile The Salvation Army: Getting Well Together program is also there for any family member or friend who needs support or is worried about a loved one. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit lifeline.org.au.

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