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I'm Using My Superannuation To Fund Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be a taboo topic, despite the fact that almost every single one of us can relate to body struggles, at least a little.

So, opening up on radio about my decision to undergo such a big life change was daunting to say the least.

Bolstered by the support of my co-workers Bianca, Terry and Bob, I bared my soul.

And whether people could relate, sympathise or just vehemently disagreed with me, the response was overwhelming.

As for how I got to this position?

As my mental health deteriorated, convenience and comfort became the overwhelming factor when it came to food and drink.

Unfortunately, along with it came the kilograms.


But it wasn’t until I no longer recognised the person looking back at me in the mirror that I really began to address the underlying issues at play.

After a lot of agonising and back and forth between myself and a team of amazing medical professionals, I bit the bullet and booked in to get a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in February.

Yes, it’s permanent.

No, it won’t be a magical fix without hard work.

Yes, Nan, there is still a chance of great grandchildren. Babies aren’t grown in your stomach.

And the most contentious issue of all – I am drawing into my superannuation to fund the surgery.

At 29 (and most likely staring down at least 40 years before I reach retirement age) I am confident that I can make up that money and then some.

In return? An improved quality of life, the possibility of having a family and most importantly the opportunity to live out a long, healthy life without being a burden on the public health system.

That’s a gamble I’m more than willing to take.

You can follow my progress along the way here.

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