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Is This Adele Photobomb Selfie The Best Pic Ever!?

Thousands and thousands of Brisbanites descended on to the Gabba this weekend to catch a glimpse of the amazing woman that is Adele.

Facebook was littered with pics and posts about the concert and the 60k strong crowd and we became increasingly jealous.

Then we saw this selfie. 

Oh. My. God.

Local Brissie girl Cassie Tapsall surely wins best selfie from the weekend with this up close and personal pic with Adele. 

It got us thinking about some of our other favourite celeb selfies and photobombs that we've seen in recent years. 

Like the Queen photobombing the Aussie Hockey team... 


Or Beyonce getting super up close and personal with this fan... 


Arnold Schwarzenegger leisurely riding a bike around town... 


The Rock absolutely owning this photobomb... 


And of course... the almighty Tom Hanks pranking this passed out dude with a range of selfies...




Have you ever managed a selfie with a high profile celebrity? 

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