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"It's The Reality Of The Job": Brittany Lauga

MP Brittany Lauga broke a law in Queensland Parliament this week, by bringing a "stranger" into Parliament - three and a half month old, Odette. 

Ms Lauga was the first woman in Queensland to breastfeed on the Parliament floor, which brought this and the stranger law into question.

Ms Lauga spoke to Bianca, Terry and Bob about the uproar she has seemingly caused and why there should be an update from the 19th century law.

"I don't think I've done anything or out of this world," she said. "I've just done what every Mum needs to do for her baby and thats feed her."

Comments online have had people questioning why Ms Lauga hasn't given Odette to someone else during question time.

"I do have a nanny who is helping me around Parliament," she said. "I have to fly down to Canberra for five days because I live in Central Queensland and all of my support network is up there."

"I have a nanny who helps me during sitting weeks and when I am home, I put Odette in childcare," she said. "When I'm in a meeting and can hear her crying in the room next door, it's really heartbreaking but that's the reality of the job."

Ms Lauga also said that having children in Parliament is a positive.

"It reminds us about what we are working towards and that's the future," she said.

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