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Josh Altman Reveals His Most EXPENSIVE Listing

Josh Altman is no stranger to multi-million dollar mansions. In fact, the real estate mogul sells them on a daily basis.

Speaking to Bianca Terry and Bob on Brisbane's 973FM, Josh revealed the most expensive listing he's ever had... and you can buy it NOW!

"We've been in some of the most opulent estates in the world," he said. "We have a listing for $140 Million American dollars right now which is 50,000 square feet. Opulent. I see it all day everyday."

Josh and Matt have also sold houses for some of the world's most famous celebrities.

"The most recent and most famous story we just closed about three months ago was the sale of Kim and Kanye's house and that was a record by far in the community that we sold it in, that was almost 18 Million dollars which was over four million dollars from the record."

When asked by Bianca what his cut was? "Exactly what I deserve," he said.

So what's the best turn around on a property where he bought low and sold high?

"The best one I've ever done, I bought it for 2.4million and I sold it sixty days later after I painted it for 3.6million," he said. "A little paint goes a long way."

Josh and his brother Matt from Million Dollar Listings will be in Brisbane over the weekend for the Million Dollar Agent Summit.

Listen to Bianca, Terry and Bob on 973FM, weekdays from 5.30am.

Check out the full Josh Altman chat and more of BTB below!

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