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Kayla Boyd: My Husband Had A Serious Mental Health Illness

As the Brisbane Bronco's Darius Boyd prepared to run onto the field for his 250th game last night, his wife Kayla Boyd was on our TV’s talking about infidelity, rehab and cyber hate.

However, that’s not why she wanted to go onto Channel Nine.


After making headlines across the country, the mother told us she felt misrepresented – so we got her on to set the record straight.

This is the real reason she wanted to share their story.

“The whole point was to talk about, to raise awareness of mental health and to talk about what it’s like to be with someone that has depression and be in a marriage where someone has a mental illness and to raise awareness on the bullying side of things as well,” she told us.

“Obviously, I’m very raw, real and honest and one statement about something that a lot of people within the entertainment industry already know about – they’ve grabbed that.

“They’re now focusing on stuff that happened four years ago.”

Unfortunately for Kayla and Darius, what was meant to be a “positive story” spun out of control as media around the country picked it up.

She said they’ve learned from it and won’t make that mistake again.

“My husband had a serious mental health illness and that was the real what the real issue in our relationship was,” she told us.

“Because when you’re suffering, and you’re going through pain – you take things out on the person that’s closest to you.

“And that was the point of what I was saying.”

Listen below to the full interview as Kayla shares the story she had hoped would have people talking…

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