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Liz Ellis On Fertility: I Was Really Angry At My Body

As an international netball champion Liz Ellis regularly pushed her body to extreme limits. 

Talented, fit and healthy, it took just six weeks of trying with her husband Matthew before she found out that she was expecting her first child. 

But what came next was five years of struggle, guilt and grief as they tried to fall pregnant for a second time. 

"I was really angry at my body for a long time because i was used to it doing what it should do," Liz said. 

"When we first decided we wanted to start a family we were pregnant within six weeks and we had our little girl Evelyn really easily, great pregnancy, great birth. 

"And then after that for the next five years when my body continually let me down it was something I had to get used to.

"I was angry and I was frustrated. At different points in time through the fertility journey you find yourself in the different stages of grief. 

"You grieve over the loss of a miscarriage, you grieve because your body won't do what it's doing, you grieve because you may never get the baby that you so want."

Liz also opened up about the internal guilt that she felt. She already had one beautiful baby girl. Some people aren't so lucky. 

But that doesn't detract from her and her partner's yearning for a second child. 

"It's the feeling of guilt that perhaps i should be more grateful for the baby I've got," she confessed. 

"Some people don't get any baby yet you desperately want this second baby."

Liz has penned a book about her experience and the experience of fellow women and couples who have struggled with fertility titled 'If At First You Don't Conceive'.

Listen to the powerful interview in full with Bianca, Terry and Bob about fertility, IVF and relationships. 

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