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London Terror: “The Police Just Started Shouting Get Back”

Four people are dead and more than 20 injured following a terror attack in London overnight.

As Australians woke up to the harrowing images of bodies strewn across the ground, the stories of those who were caught up in the terror are beginning to emerge.

Journalist Katharine McGee was one of those who witnessed scenes no one ever should.

“The police just started shouting ‘get back, get back as far as you can’,” she told us.

The Londoner had just gone through security at Portcullis House, just around the corner from where a police officer was stabbed, when panic set in.

“You hear in London and on the Underground a lot to be aware of anything that just looks different and I work it the news so I was fairly blaze about it, until they were so insistent that I realised they were just trying to get anybody out of the way and the usual strict procedures weren’t in place,” she said.

Working alongside London’s Parliamentarians, Katharine revealed it added to the concern they already felt about their own safety.


“There were a huge variety of reactions. Some MPs were very shaky and I think after what happened to Jo Cox, the MP who got killed last year in her constituency, some people would say they felt really, really exposed,” she said.

“And then you’ve got some people like Tobias [Ellwood] who went straight to that police officer’s aid and most people were running backwards into Parliament.

“The police officers, they were amazing actually, they were running towards the danger.

Listen to our full chat with Katharine below...

Photos: AAP

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