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Matt LeBlanc Reveals Why A Friends Reunion Is Unlikely

Matt LeBlanc was arguably part of one of the biggest TV shows in television history making it "the one where everyone wants a reunion"!

Speaking to 973FM's Bianca, Terry and BobMatt, who played Joey Tribbiani on sitcom Friends for a decade, said that a reunion was unlikely.

"I understand that people really want to see that reunion but that show as about a finite period in those characters lives, between 20 and 30," he said. "To see what those characters are doing now, I think it's almost a case of that the book is better than the movie. Everyone's imagination of what they're doing now is better."

He also quipped that the lives of the six friends may not be as interesting as they were all those years ago.

"I don't think anyone wants to see Joey at his colonoscopy!" he said to the co-hosts. "I think it's better for people to just leave it."

While we really do want to see what our favourite friends are up to, we'll just keep hoping that one day they'll cave!

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Check out full Matt LeBlanc chat and more of BTB below!

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