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We're Setting Sophie Up On A Date This Valentine's Day!

It can be tough out there when you’re looking for love. It’s a problem our single gal Sophie knows all too well.

When we asked what was your ‘type’ when dating, Sophie called up to admit perhaps it was part of the problem for her.

Single for more than three years, she finds herself constantly gravitating towards the quiet, intellectual guys.


After getting over our shock that the gorgeous 28-year-old lawyer could be single, we decided to help her do something about it!

AKA – we’re going to set her up for Valentine’s Day!

But we need your help! If you’re interested in getting involved, let us know at breakfast@973fm.com.au.

Watch above as we meet Sophie and find out what her red flags are...

Meet Our Sweetheart Sophie:


Occupation - Solicitor (construction law)

Likes - being right, dogs, gin and frosty fruits

Dislikes - bad grammar and cooking

Hobbies - watching the Bachelor with my girlfriends

Sports played - touch football

Weekend activities - brunch, beach, walks/hikes

How long was your longest relationship - too long

When was your last relationship - 3ish years ago

What do you look for in a guy - someone who will let me eat all the popcorn

What does Valentine's Day mean to you - it could mean something if I spent it with the right guy

How did you spend last Valentine's Day - Thai food with two of my best girlfriends and lots of wine (Galentine's Day)

What does a guy have to do to sweep you off your feet - make me laugh

What are you afraid of - heights

What's your favourite movie/band/song/food - Coyote Ugly, currently Bears Den or The Rubens, anything by Pete Murray, mums roast chicken

Why do you think you're single - haven't met the right guy yet


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