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Melissa Tkautz Spills On The RHOS Star With A 'Nasty Streak'

“It is VERY real.”

They call it The Real Housewives Of Sydney and according to star Melissa Tkautz the show lives up to that name.

From the name calling to the catfights, the new series has already made headlines for some of its over-the-top antics.

But according to the star, it was always going to happen.

“Now you put seven women in a room, four of which don’t get along, give us a bit of alcohol, you’re going to get arguments,” she told us.

And don’t expect the drama to end any time soon!

Melissa told us there has been a fallout following all the catfights.

“There’s a feud between Victoria and Athena – they will never be friends. Ever. That will never, ever happen,” she said.

Chrissy and Lisa, that’s gone too far now, I don’t think they’ll ever be friends. Too much has been said.

Watch above as she spills on the drama, including the Real Housewives star with a “nasty streak”…

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