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What Mia Freedman REALLY Thinks Of Work, Life, Balance

That elusive phrase: Work, Life, Balance.

Does it ever truly exist?

The wonderful Mia Freedman has delved into the topic with her aptly titled book, “Work, strife, balance” and she certainly has some strong feelings towards the turn of phrase.

While the concept originally was there to remind people that work isn’t the only part of life to focus on, what it has become is a seemingly unattainable feat in life.

“Women have done what we so often do which is we’ve turned that term into a stick that we use to beat ourselves up with,” Freedman told Bianca, Terry and Bob.

“Just like we don’t have thigh gap, suddenly we have to have work, life, balance.

“We always feel like we’re coming up short.”

Work, strife, balance honestly and candidly discusses the ups and downs of trying to have it all in the modern world.

But one especially moving chapter is the one on parenting.

Mia entrusted her son to write his own experiences of having Freedman as a mother, both the good and bad, without any limitations (except for a word limit).

The result? A raw but insightful look into the relationship between mother and teenage son.

“I cried [when I read it] and not in a good way but I was also enormously proud,” she said.

“When you have kids you know that there are going to be things that you do right and things that you do wrong.

“And you kind of think here’s a couple of dollars in the therapy jar and hope for the best in the future.”

Handing the reigns to her son wasn’t all tears, however, and Mia sees it as a learning experience and a way to better understand the eldest of her children.

“I initially had little annotations… and then I thought you know what, let him tell his story because that is how he experienced it,” she said.

“He is a good man, he is a lovely, lovely man and I feel incredibly proud of him and just the quality of the writing.

“A lot of people have said it’s their favourite chapter.”

Work, Strife, Balance can be purchased in all good book stores. 

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