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MKR’s Angry Man Tyson Reveals Why David Leaves Him Fuming

He’s earned the title Angry Man on My Kitchen Rules, but is Tyson just misunderstood?

According to this season’s villain, there’s good reason behind his dislike of fellow contestant David.

The pair have been fighting it out on the reality show, leading to some epic eye rolls from the Brisbane Uber driver.

Much like this…


And this…


“He’s probably one of the ones that plays the game the most,” Tyson confided to us.

“I wasn’t there to play the game, I was there for the food.”

While Tyson has been confident in his culinary skills and hasn’t been afraid to hide it, sister Amy says she wishes he didn’t.

“We talked a big game, or at least Tyson did and I’m just walking behind going ‘shut up, don’t put too much pressure on us’,” she said.

With MKR promising another record breaking night, we can only guess they’ll live up to the hype… or fail miserably.

Either way, it makes for great TV viewing!

Watch our full interview with the pair above as Tyson also talks about that big MKR romance...

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