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My Tinder Date Dressed Up In Drag - From My Wardrobe!

Normally after a bad break up you turn to ice-cream, rom-coms or a makeover.

But Tinder? Let’s be honest, it seems slightly counter-intuitive!

But that’s exactly what Sarah Mulvin did as she threw herself back on the dating scene to get over her ex.

In fact, Sarah took things one step further and went on 30 Tinder dates in 30 days.

“You block a lot of people, you’re going through a lot, it’s a full-time job. It’s 100% a full-time job,” she told Bianca, Terry & Bob of her challenge.

As you could imagine, she ended up with a few tales to tell – all of which she ended up publishing in the book 30 Days Of Tinder.

After hearing her story (listen for yourself below!), our lines lit up with Brisbane women who had their own tales to tell.

But none could beat Addette… who found her Tinder date dressed up in drag - from her wardrobe!

Listen below to hear the hilarious stories of what happened on Tinder right here in our own town…

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