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Parents Left Speechless After Drug Overdose.

Being a parent and trying to navigate your way around the topic of drug experimentation can be tough and sometimes murky waters.

At the time of publication, police are waiting on the results of toxicology tests after a suspected drug overdose at a Gold Coast high school left four students fighting for their lives and three others in a serious condition.

Bianca, Terry and Bob spoke to Gino Vumbaca from Harm Reduction Australia, about how these kids can obtain these "mystery" drugs online.

"There are a number of websites available," Gino said. "Most of them are what they call the 'dark web', under the radar, but there's probably others that operate in more open space."

"The reality is, kids are online a lot and there's a lot of risks out there and this is one of them."

So how do we prevent the kids taking these risks?

"Your not going to be able to shut down the internet," Gino said. "There's a risk out there, it's just how you manage the risk now, not how you eliminate it."

Gino's message is quite simple. "It's about engagement, it's about knowing what's happening in your kids lives, talking to them, being engaged with them. Education is important as a preventative tool, but we also have to be fairly realistic with our education. If we say, "don't take drugs", that's not going to work."

For more information, head to Harm Reduction Australia.

Hear the full chat and other BTB segments below:

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