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Dad Shaving Hair, Beard In Solidarity With 4YO Daughter

Troy watched his wife struggle through her second pregnancy with son Memphis.

But once on the other side, looking into those little eyes, he thought his little family was stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, an even bigger battle was about to present itself.

When Memphis was just two weeks old, Troy and Kirsty’s daughter, Kierrah, was diagnosed with Leukemia.

The hardest thing to comprehend was the randomness of the disease and how such a young girl can be so unlucky.

“Cancer is bad luck. There is no cause... It's just the body saying it's your turn,” Troy was repeatedly told.

Putting his four-year-old daughter under general anaesthetic for the first time was one of the hardest things Troy has ever done – watching her body numb and defenceless.

Meanwhile, mum Kirsty and Memphis could not be near her during stages of therapy, instead restricted to the hotel across the road.

But Kierrah’s positivity and strength throughout this battle has left the whole family in awe.


When losing the last of her hair in the shower while at grandma’s house, she showed wisdom beyond her years.

“’It's okay grandma, it's only hair, it'll grow back,' …that coming from a four year old, it just shows you just how resilient kids can be,” Troy said.

So Troy is taking a chapter from Kierrah’s book and shaving his hair and beard this weekend for World Shave For A Cure day.

In fact he is also being joined by 14 others this weekend. We hope Troy’s small gesture shows Kierrah (nicknamed Boogie) just how resilient and strong she is and the impact she has made on so many.

The initiative has raised millions of dollars in its 20 years – with over 27,500kg of hair being shaved off!

To donate to Kierrah and Troy’s efforts, click here.

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