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The ONE Message Every Parent Should Hear

Over the weekend The Biggest Loser Transformed's Shannan Ponton joined our own Tez and a group of DadBod's for the ultimate workout.

However, before they hit the equipment, Shannan had an unexpected pep talk.

It wasn't about how you workout.

It wasn't about what you eat.

It was about how important achieving that work/life balance is for your kids.

"I’m a dad now with two kids, and the way I’m living my life now has changed since having kids," he told them.

"The focus for me isn’t having an amazing six pack or that anymore."

He then asked the room to think back to their happiest childhood memory and who they remember in it.

"All of your earliest, happiest childhood memory involves your family," he pointed out.

"What I want you to do when you get home is ask your kids what is their earliest, happiest childhood memory. And you better hope like hell you're in it."

Watch above to hear the talk that will change the way you approach achieving that work/life balance...

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