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She Was Abused At Adele, But This Story Has A Happy Ending

It was meant to be the ultimate girls night out, sadly things didn’t turn out that way when Leisa Marie Bennett went to Adele’s Brisbane concert.

While she should have been enjoying the music alongside the 60,000 strong crowd, Leisa instead found herself fat shamed and physically abused.

“After Adele finished her first song the mood shifted in my seat area, as the lady beside me began to nudge me slowly as if she wanted more room,” she shared on Facebook.

Then came the first elbow, followed by another.

After asking her to “please stop”, Leisa was met with a torrent of abuse.

“The lady was not surprised by my request, she faced me head on as if she had been waiting for me to open the gateway of communication,” she wrote.

“She starred into my eyes and yelled, ‘No I won't f****** stop.  I f****** paid for this seat, and if you weren't so f***** fat I wouldn't have to move you over, so f****** get over or I'll f****** deal with you’.”

After seeking help from security, who called in the police, Leisa found herself being moved and missing out on half of the show.

When we learned of what happened we knew we had to do everything in our power to help change the ending of Leisa’s story.

So we organised flights, a hotel and new tickets to see Adele in Melbourne!

“I cried last night, I just felt like I was at an Adele concert, I was so relaxed,” she told us following the show.

And she was treated to plenty of action!

From a couple getting engaged on stage to Adele telling of a security guard, listen to what Leisa had to tell us below…

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