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Should Australians Be Ashamed Of Themselves?

“I’d rather be having a croissant and a little espresso in Paris or walking my French bulldog in New York City.”

It’s the quote that has come back to haunt Aussie actress, Melissa George, after she revealed her domestic violence nightmare in a heartbreaking interview on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night.

As the former Home And Away star told of how she was left bloodied and bruised after a physical altercation with her partner, Jean-David Blanc, it seems Australian’s minds were unable to forget that one sentence from five years earlier.

And in turn they dealt a life-time sentence of disdain and judgement for the mother-of-two.

Now the journalist who first published that damning quote has spoken out… against the Australian public.

In 2012, Christine Sams found herself next in line to interview George after an appearance on Channel Seven’s Morning Show.

It hadn’t gone to plan and the actress was worked up and ready to vent.

“At the time the story was an entertaining hit – I did my job and I was proud of it,” Christine told us of the interview.

“She had this unedited spray and I was going along with it and ran up to my editors and had this wonderful scoop.

“But seeing the effect of it so many years on, I find it regrettable.”

Australia’s lack of sympathy for George, who is now caught in a bitter custody battle, shocked Sams.

“She was clearly distraught and seeking help in that television appearance and I just don’t understand why so many people are using these comments to throw it back in her face,” she said.

“I just wonder if Australia’s lost its compassion.”

It’s a question that has been echoed by others, like actress Rebecca Gibney, who have stood up for the star.

“There are people out there who do care about how you’re feeling,” she said George.

“It might seem funny coming from the journalist from this original interview. I think as men and women we’ve got to stand shoulder to shoulder against domestic violence.

“I really wanted to speak out on her behalf and say no matter what’s happened here, it’s not okay to attack this woman who is clearly upset.”

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