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Sophie Monk Reveals Her Biggest Fashion Flaps... Err Flops

Sophie Monk is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions.

Bianca, Terry and Bob asked her about what her worst wardrobe fail was this morning and boy did she deliver.

The frank admission certainly had us in hysterics.

Who knew you’d hear about ‘massive flaps’ on Brisbane breakfast radio…

“Oh god this could go for hours,” Sophie said.

“I would have to say my camel toe, you can google it. I could have a calendar out with how many times I’ve had a camel toe.

“And it’s only laziness cos I don’t wear undies sometimes, so it’s not the fact that I’ve got massive flaps or anything!”


Another memorable fashion fail happened at the beach.

And of course the paps were there with camera in hand to capture the moment.

“I walked out into the ocean once and I saw the paparazzi there so I was trying to look hot and my boob was out… I didn’t realise,” she said.

Sophie won over our hearts all over again last year as the Bachelorette and now she has her sights set on hosting channel nine’s new series, Love Island.

The 38 year old describes the show as a mix between Big Brother and Bachelor in Paradise, with viewers holding the power to vote contestants out.

As for her own love life, things have been pretty quiet since she broke it off from Stu after her season of The Bachelorette.

“I’m just waiting for the Uber Eats guy to come and I can give him a wink…” she joked.

Although she could always go on a date with David Hasselhoff going by the pick up line she shared on the show.

Apparently he used a very corny and arrogant line when he asked her out during her acting days.

‘Do you want to get a ‘Hoff’ee’

We don’t blame her on passing on that one…

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