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Gloves Off: Taryn Brumfitt Goes One On One With Sam Wood

Body image activist Taryn Brumfitt takes issue with all of these 8 week / 12 week internet fad, celebrity endorsed fitness programs that promise the world and then charge you out the ears. 

Taking aim at a number of these programs on air with Bianca, Terry and Bob, Taryn noted the unhealthy focus on BMI and kgs lost instead of actual health gains and wellbeing. 

What's more is the images that are shoved in our faces daily of flawless bikini ready bodies that are hardly achievable for the regular working person. 

So we decided to put her up one on one with one of these celeb program owners - former Bachelor, Sam Wood. 

Sam runs his own program '28 by Sam Wood' which focuses on exercise and diet as well as lifestyle changes. 

Take a listen. 

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