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We Gave Tez A Slimy Snack LIVE In Studio For Failing FebFast

Oh Terry! 

He agreed to give up booze for the month of February to raise money for an amazing cause in the Brisbane Youth Services.

But obviously he made that commitment before organising a romantic french dinner with his wife this weekend for her birthday...

And well, wine does pair with cheese and french cuisine quite nicely... 

He decided to cough up and use a free pass as part of FebFast, but we weren't letting him get out of it that easily. 

French cuisine he wanted... French cuisine he got! 

Downing as many snails as he could in studio. 

Although going by the smell around the offices after this experiment, they may not have been as bad a punishment as we first thought... Garlic anyone! 

This isn't the first time Tez has gotten himself in trouble during FebFast.

When Tez agreed to give up alcohol for the month of February he knew it would be hard.

But he didn't quite anticipate just how quickly he'd fall off the FebFast bandwagon.

What was his first punishment you ask? 

After Bianca made up for her transgressions with a very different kind of trip to the brewery, it was time for Tez to face his punishment…

Serving drinks – while completely sober, at A Day On The Green.

Think big crowds, great music and unbelievably hot weather.

Watch above as he creates a stir as he raises funds for Brisbane Youth Services.

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