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The Secret Burden Of Many Aussie Fathers

It's a side of Tez we rarely see (or hear).

What happens when you are a ball of energy, always on the go and then suddenly the battery starts to dwindle... 

Tez opened up to Bianca about his struggle in the past 18 months and he's not the only one. 

"I burnt out. I blew a gasket. I can still operate - I can operate on forward motion," Tez admits.

"[I see it happening to] a lot of blokes my age too – 'I can get up, I can go to work, I can provide and therefore I’m okay'."

It's not just his mental energy that has stalled... 

"I’ve blown out and I’ve blown out," he said gesturing to his 'dad bod'.

"This job has been done well, my family is in a good place – my wife is very patient, we both know that I’m not where I’d like to be.

"I’ve got enough to do the job, but then for myself I don’t have enough [energy] to get up and exercise.

"You get really, really tired."

Burning the candle at both ends is dangerous when your day starts before 4am. 

But Tez was clear to say he isn't suffering from clinical depression, just in need of a recharge. 

Finding time to put himself first.

"I don’t do depression, I’m not the person that has depression in me but… every time I reach to get started again on new projects… I realise ‘you haven’t got it, there’s no more battery there, there’s just enough to do [breakfast radio].

One way he is channeling his energy is through his Dad Bods program - like-minded men keen to shred their dad bod and support each other along the way - both mentally and physically.

"I’ve been working my way to come back there and working my way back with training," he said. 

"The dad bods thing? That is just as much about and other blokes like me – we’ve gotta find a way and a place to get ourselves and get our mojo back again."

Hopefully a few good nights' sleep over the weekend will help too.

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