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Tez Asks DV Survivor Simone How Can Men Help

Ahead of the annual Darkness To Daylight 110km run, we invited ambassador and domestic violence survivor Simone O'Brien into the studio to share her story. 

While painful to re-live, she says if it can help save lives then it is worth it. 

But Tez had one specific question for her - how can men help in supporting these women, wives, mums, daughters, sisters, friends... 

And Simone had some specific advice. 

While the very brave woman was injured at the hands of a perpetrator six years ago, she shared that her two daughters who witnessed the event are still apprehensive at times around men and the whole family has been deeply impacted. 

Simone's attacker - her ex-fiance - used a baseball bat to severely injure her skull in a premeditated incident. 

Listen to her story below. 

Darkness To Daylight is an annual event, to raise awareness around Domestic Violence. 

This year it will be held across the night on the Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of May. 

The 110km run is reflective of the 110 lives in Australia lost to DV each year. 

Participants can complete in the full length run in the lead up, or the distance can be broken up into teams across the night. 

There will also be a 10km and 3km challenge beginning at 5:30am and 6am on the 24th of May for those who want to show their support. 

Or you can join Terry in the virtual individual challenge - instead of trying to make up as much of the 110km as you can the night of the event, you can log your kms in the lead up starting 1st May. 

"Can’t attend the live event? Then take on the Darkness to Daylight 100km virtual individual challenge and help raise funds and awareness of Domestic and Family violence," the Darkness to Daylight website states. 

"During the month of May, in Domestic and Family violence prevention month, Australians from all over the country can challenge themselves to run the 110km at a time and place that works for them!

"You have from the 1st of May until 24th of May to complete the challenge- that’s just 5km a day! Register now at darknesstodaylightvirtual.org."

National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency call triple-zero.

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