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The Decision To Be A Mother Was Taken Away From Me

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, our focus is on all the mums out there – as it should be and as they deserve.

But what about all the women who want to be mums, but can’t.

It can be a tough time for those women who had their choice taken away from them.

Perhaps it was biology. Perhaps they never found the right time. Perhaps they never found the right partner. Perhaps it just never happened for them.

Our own Bianca Dye is one of those women and in an intimate chat with Terry, she revealed how painful it can be.


“It wasn’t a choice,” she revealed, “I get really angry with people, like my friends who have kids, who seem to look at me like this selfish person that chose a career.”

“It’s like ‘no, I didn’t choose a career, I just chose badly with relationships’ and that led me to not having a kid.”

While there is still hope after Bianca spent her life savings on IVF, her future as a mother isn’t certain.

Watch above as she shares how hard it is dealing with the stigma of being single in your 40’s and coming to terms with the fact that you may never have kids.

Plus... Listen to their full chat below, as Tez gets to really know Bianca Dye - from growing up with Australian entertainment royalty to what it was like to join the 97.3fm Breakfast team.

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