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The Dirty Truth About Your Bra That Will Have You Cringing

How often do you wash your bra?

If you’re anything like the women in our building, probably not enough!

Taking out the record however, has to be our very own Bianca and her purple push up at six months without washing.

Yes, you read that right.

While her justification is it doesn’t smell, Dr Linda Friedland has something else to say about it.

“The best time to wash your bra is fairly regularly – certainly after one or two wearings,” she told us.

“I am sure that little bits of skin cells come off your body and attach to inside of the bra. Sweat accumulates together with all kinds of bacteria and bugs.

“They become very unhygienic.”

Add to that the layers of spray tan, we think it’s time to put that bad boy in the wash!

Will it change your wash day habits?

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