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The First Dates' Star Who Had Us SCREAMING At Our TV!

If you tuned in to First Dates on Channel 7 last night, you may have experienced a case of déjà vu.

We know we did.


While the rest of Australia fell a little in love with 31-year-old Aaron from Queensland, we were screaming at our TV.

Yes, it may have seemed a little crazy at the time, but it was completely justified – because we know Aaron!


In fact, we don’t just know him… we had him join us for our own dating experiment, Valentine’s At First Sight.

He was the eco scientist that made us laugh and had the girls in the building lining up for a date.


Even our girl Sophie thought he was her perfect match when the blindfold came off.

According to our 97.3fm Insider, Aaron “did the show ages ago and thought he must have been on the cutting room floor after it didn’t air”.

Unfortunately for the Gold Coast boy, he has proven twice unlucky though.


First our Sophie went on a date with another guy.

And then last night he just couldn’t find the spark with Byron Bay girl Clare.


If you’re still keen though Aaron, we’re sure we can find someone!

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