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The Heartbreaking Letter From A Brisbane Girl To Her Bullies

"I always knew that people were talking behind my back because I could hear it. They forgot that I was standing there."

At just seven years of age the bullying started for Louie*.

In year three, the Brisbane schoolgirl found herself the target of other kids who soon learned she was an easy target.

Sadly, it was a lesson that made Louie realise she was "different".

Listen as Louie explains the torment of being bullied to Bianca, Terry & Bob

While as adults we try to celebrate our differences, in the schoolyard it's not always the case and three years later, the bullying has only gotten worse.

Now she wants it to stop.

But how do you stop children from picking on another child?

Louie hopes she has the answer - a letter to her peers. And one every child should be made to hear.


We only wish everyone was as caring, friendly, brave and considerate - like Louie.

*Not her real name

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