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The Letter That Had So Many Of Us In Tears

“Dear unborn embryo, things have been a little, erm, complicated.”

They are the opening words of a letter our own Bianca Dye wrote this week to the frozen embryos that could one day be her child.

As part of IVF week, Bianca was invited to share her story on Mamamia and as Mother’s Day approaches, it is a tale that truly pulls on the heartstrings.

“It took so much to get you, so much and then I just left you,” she writes in the piece which explains how life became even more complicated.

“I want you to know that I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I think about you every day,”


You see, four years after she last saw her little embryos, Bianca was in a relationship – but then things began to fell apart.

They broke up, she moved town, started a new job and now faces the decision whether to have a baby with her ex.

And while it has been a tough decision that we have heard her discuss on air, when you read her letter you get the feeling she’s already made a decision.

Watch above as Bianca reads her heartfelt letter that had so many of us in tears.

To all those mums and women who want to be mums – we’ll be thinking of you this Mother’s Day.

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